You are the product of all your past conditioning, and everything you do in every moment of every day is creating who you are in the future

Part of the problem is not only, that we believe that we’re right, we believe that there is a correct view. And we believe it’s accessible to us. And even if we become convinced that it’s not accessible to us, which rarely happens […] [we] Still believe there is a way things really are and it is accessible. And most of the time we assume we’ve nailed it, we know how things are.
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We […] believe that when things are still and calm, that’s the real stuff, and when things are messy, confused and chaotic, we’ve done something wrong, or […] someone else has done something.
Pema Chödrön

Wenn wir Furcht, Besorgnis oder irgendein Gefühl von Haltlosigkeit empfinden […] merken wie […] [wir] uns bereits in Gedanken verstrick[…en] .Können wir diesen Augenblick als neutral betrachten: als einen Augenblick, in dem wir eine von zwei Richtungen einschlagen können. Wir stehen die ganze Zeit vor der Wahl: kehren wir zu alten Gewohnheiten zurück, oder verwenden wir alles was wir erleben als Chance und Hilfe um eine frische Beziehung zum Leben einzugehen.
Pema Chödrön, Den Sprung wagen

When someone hurts us we automatically assume this was done on purpose or at least willingly (with the understanding of the hurt that will be caused). This is usually not the case, so we should give the other the benefit of the doubt.
Chade-Meng Tan

In Buddhism, the point is not simply to be accomplished meditators but to change our whole approach to life. Meditation is not merely a useful technique or mental gymnastic, but part of a balanced system designed to change the way we go about things at the most fundamental level.
Judy Lief

Wisdom doesn’t come from on being perfect but from being present.

The challenge is this: to comprehend the conditions in which we now find ourselves, let go of the reactive habit patterns that rise up unbidden, ground oneself in the nonreactive space that opens on their absence, and actualize a way of life that responds as effectively as possible to the suffering at hand

It is easy to find out if a mindstate is unwholsome: any mind state that leads to one of the five hindrances is unwholesome. Any mind state that leaves to their abandonment, leads away from them is wholesome.
Ayya Khema

Taking a step back, don’t anticipate next moment, lean back and be receptive.

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